Style Pioneers at Winnipeg's Fall Parade of Homes

Winnipeg companies Blue Moon Furniture & Huntington Homes come together to showcase Winnipeg home style at its best during this falls Parade of Homes at 356 Willow Creek Road.

winnipeg parade of homes. leather sectional. free form coffee table. live edge coffee table.jpg

Both Blue Moon Furniture and Huntington Homes are Winnipeg companies pioneering home style: Huntington Homes as luxury home builders and Blue Moon Furniture as a furniture brand of exclusive, in-house designed products.

winnipeg parade of homes. White leather free form sectional.jpg

Blue Moon Furniture has been a Winnipeg establishment for almost 30 years bringing the newest home styles to the city.

The parade of homes is the perfect way to highlight not just current global home trends but the truly Winnipeg aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the wide open prairies and expansive skies.

winnipeg parade of homes. teak root console table. Teak root furniture. carved bull skull.jpg

Winnipeg’s parade of homes is a real hub for Winnipeg to demonstrate the best home styles the city has to offer.

As furniture designers it is such a thrilling time of year for us. We love to put our products on display in the cities most exciting new properties in the most exciting new areas.

We try to use this opportunity to put Winnipeg on the global map as a design hub capable of setting trends and not just following them.

winnipeg parade of homes. live edge dining table.jpg
Blue Moon Furniture