How to Lay Out Your Bedroom Furniture

Once again we have to preface these "rules" by saying if something works for you don't let the experts talk you out of it. In the end, this is your home and you get to make the rules. But if you have some questions on standard practices here is what we would recommend. 

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1. Place the Bed

Obviously the most important thing in a bedroom is the bed. So that is where you have to start. 

How do you use your bed?

Some people prefer to get up early and sip a first cup of coffee in bed, so being able to watch out the window and enjoy the sunrise dictates the bed placement. Is your bed just a place to crash or do you read in bed at night, stay up late watching TV? Are their two people in the bed or just one?

These considerations will dictate if you consider an upholstered bed or wood and what kind of pillows you might want to include. It will also dictate whether or not you can consider pushing the bed up against a wall if your space is limited. 

Consider where the entry to the room is.

All the experts say we have a better sleep when we can see the door from the bed.

Bed in a corner is a bad idea for two.

Not only are you making it difficult for two people to climb in and out, you’re making the arguably unpleasant task of making the bed even more unpleasant. However, if you are working with a smaller bedroom and want to maximize the size of the bed this may be your only option. Just make sure you consider someone is going to have to climb into bed next to the wall. 

Make sure you have at least 24 inches on either side of the bed.

This is the minimum you need to comfortably hop in and out.

Don’t put your bed at an angle.

Except in very special circumstances i.e. huge rooms, it wastes space in the room and creates difficult spaces behind and beside the bed. But if you have the space, it can make for a stunning room when done right. 

You can put your bed in front of a window.

Although not ideal, if it is the best place for the bed then it can be made to work. It just means a large headboard or drapes to help unite the bed and the window into a single focal point.

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2. Place the Side Tables

Make sure that you have at least a couple of inches of room between the bed, your side tables and the far wall to prevent them from looking wedged in. If you’re the only one using the bedroom, you can get away with using just one side table if space is right, but it’s always better to have two for balance.

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3. Place the Dresser

The second largest piece in the room, it can mess up flow if not in the right location. Think of the location of your closet, what you’re keeping in the dresser verses the closet, how you get dressed in the morning and how you get ready for bed at night. Also consider if you can place the dresser in the closet or if you even need a dresser at all.

4. Decide on Seating

Now that you’ve got the basics placed, take a look and see if you have room for a few niceties. If there’s room, seating can be a welcome addition to the bedroom. Two great classic choices are a bench or settee at the foot of the bed. This creates a place to put on (and take off) shoes and socks, throw the bathrobe and, if it incorporates storage, to keep extra linens. A reading chair tucked into a corner or beside a window is another nice addition. Unlike a living or family room, you don’t need a lot of space to make a little reading area — a 3-by-3-foot space will do.

5. Consider Desks, Vanities and Televisions

When you decided how to layout your bedroom it is time for furniture selection. Here we have a collection of our beautiful pieces.

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