How to Special Order Custom Upholstery

Learn the simple steps involved in ordering custom Bend upholstery furniture. Measure your space, pick a style, choose configuration components, create a floor plan and choose your fabric or leather. We can help with each step to ensure your special order is absolutely perfect for you.
  1. Before you leave home, measure your room including entrances and doors. Make sure you write down your measurements which are ridiculously easy to forget.

  2. Come in store and pick a style you love regardless of the size, material or legs.

  3. Review the configurational options for the style you picked with a member of our helpful team, to get a piece with the right dimensions for your space.

  4. We will do a quick floor plan of your space to show how your piece will fit.

  5. Choose from our wide selection of high performance fabrics and leathers.

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