The Perfect Valentine's Day Itinerary

We've created the perfect Valentine's Day Itinerary so you don't have to. 

8:00 coffee in bed, is it too early for presents? We don't think so.

Valentine's Day coffee in bed. Blue Moon Furniture store in winnipeg. Live edge table, platform bed..JPG

10:00 (yes, that means coffee in bed lasted for 2 hours) pastry breakfast and flowers.

Valentine's Day breakfast and roses. Live edge lychee slice table. Blue Moon Furniture Store Winnipeg. Valentine's Day itinerary.JPG

11:00 a little work in the home office is only ever productive when you are given a mini box of chocolates by a little angel in a white dress. 

Valentine's Day home office. Aviator office chair, desk and ord. Blue Moon Furniture store in winnipeg. Live edge furniture. .JPG

Stay tuned for our Valentine's Day Itinerary PM. 

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