Segovia Restaurant

There are some design projects that are just too fun to call work. One such project was Segovia Tapas Bar

Segovia Tapas Bar Custom Entrance Doors. Blue Moon Furniture Winnipeg
Segovia Tapas Bar Entrance Doors

We worked with the incredible owners and their amazing designer, who has since gone on to work with AvroKo Design Concept and Firm a New York based firm that seems to win all the awards. The owners and designer had a great concept for the restaurant, a place to share languid meals with great company in a setting that brings you back time and time again. 

How good does this Teak Table look as the setting for some amazing meals. 

How good does this Teak Table look as the setting for some amazing meals. 

All that was left for us to do was come up with some amazing furniture pieces that would compliment their vision while making Segovia stand out from all the other restaurants in the city and even country. 

Inspired by the long Spanish tradition of tapas we wanted the furniture to convey the same sense of historic tradition while being relevant today. So we decided to use beautiful traditional materials that do not "get old" but mature over time like a fine vintage of wine. Certain woods can have that very effect, like teak. We presented wide slat teak tables with thick legs and solid teak stump stools to the designer who fell in love with the idea and knew just how to compliment the timeless pieces with modern elements like metal detailing and a stunning brick and glass installation wall. 

Segovia Tapas Bar furniture winnipeg. Blue Moon Furniture. Teak Furniture

Segovia has since been honoured with a plethora of accolades. With the continued support from foodies they are still the happening place in Winnipeg.  

Segovia dining furniture
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