New Authentically Sculpted Coffee Tables in Now

Authentically sculpted coffee tables in store now. Blue Moon Furniture

A wide selection of the most beautiful Authentically Sculpted coffee tables.

Each piece designed specifically to meet the needs of different furniture configurations.

Authentically Sculpted live edge coffee table. Blue Moon Furniture.1+-+coffee+table.jpg

Sculpted from single slabs of specially selected pieces of wood.

authentically sculpted single slab coffee table. Blue Moon Furniture winnipeg.1+-+hole+coffee+table.jpg

Long sculptural coffee tables are perfect for allowing use from your sofa and chairs in a classic living room configuration.

authentically sculpted coffee tables. Blue Moon Furniture store in winnipeg1+-+single+slab+coffee+tbales.jpg

Designed to be used in pairs or alone in front of your sectional.

blue moon furniture store winnipeg. Authentically sculpted wood furniture. 2019-01-12_BlueMoonFurniture131.jpg

Make your coffee table a spectacular focal point, eliminating the need for end tables. This one is perfect in front of a curvy sectional or sofa.

authentically sculpted wood coffee table. Blue Moon Furniture store in winnipeg. 2019-01-12_BlueMoonFurniture123.jpg

Spectacular and extremely functional we have the perfect Coffee table for your Great Room, Living Room, Den, Theatre Room.