How to Place Furniture in a Dining Room: Designer Tips to Maximize your Space.

Ever wonder how to set up your dining room or if you have done it correctly. We have some designer tips to help you turn your dining room into a destination.

The first thing to remember is that if something is working for you, don't listen to the experts, just enjoy your creation. That being said, here are our:

Designer Tips for Laying Out Your Dining Room

1. get the biggest table your room can fit. That way when you have a big gathering you can seat all your friends and family comfortably. 

2. if you are worried about traffic flow with your big table do not leave chairs at the ends of the table unless specifically required by your guest list. 

3. Think 24" per person you wish to seat at a chair at the table. Most chairs are less than 24" wide but this will guarantee everyone will be comfortable. 

4. Think 15" per person you wish to seat on a bench at the table. Benches are great for maximizing potential seats plus a bench feels more casual and fun.

5. For traffic flow place your table a minimum of 30"-36" from the nearest wall. 


how many people can fit around a dining table. How much space does a person need at a dining table. Blue moon Furniture.png

Now that you know how to place furniture in your dining room you can move on to the fun part: shopping for the perfect furniture that represents your personality and style. Here are some fun recommendations.

2018-04-06_BlueMoonFurniture lychee wood dining tble.jpg
lychee wood live edge dining table. Blue Moon Furniture store in winnipeg.JPG
majestic live edge dining table with metal legs. Artista show home furniture. blue moon furniture store in winnipeg.JPG
hungtinton show home furniture. Blue Moon furnitures store in winnipeg. Majestic live edge dining table.JPG
teak root dining table with glass top. Blue Moon Furniture store in winnipeg.jpg