How to Create a Cozy Living Room for Fall


When you start with a beautiful, strong, streamlined base, like the Cocoon II sectional in marine blue, it is a simple task to turn your home into a cozy haven. The Cocoon II sectional base can take you effortlessly through the seasons. In the summer brighten the look with fewer, brighter cushions, as the fall progresses layer on more cushions in rich hues.

Let’s break it down into steps

  1. Get the best sofa or sectional you can. Something you will love forever and that meets all your needs. We recommend going big so you can lounge when it’s just you AND you can pile your friends and family on throughout the year. If you need help choosing your sofa and sectional we have some tips to help you narrow down your preferences in this post. If you need help determining what size sofa or sectional your space can accommodate we have some helpful tips in this post.

  2. Layer fun, decadent accessories that are seasonally appropriate. Our recommendation is always to go with high quality. To make things cozy for fall, try rich colours and luxurious fabrics. Mix solid colours and patterns and textures for a decadent look that beckons you to curl up and relax. If you need help creating a colour palette we have some tips in this post.

  3. ENJOY

The beauty with this technique is that as your style and trends transform, your space can too. As long as your major piece is high quality, provides the function and is a timeless style you can play with your accessories as the seasons and years go by.

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