How to Buy a Dining Table

Everything you need to know before making a dining table purchase.

  1. measure your space & don’t forget to write it down.

    1. Also, consider how you want to use you table on a regular basis, how many people will be using the table and who. How many people do you want to seat for special occasions.

  2. Think 20”-24” per person you want to seat at a table…unless you are using a bench in which case you can allot way less, especially if there are children involved.

  3. Get the biggest table your space can accommodate and don’t use end chairs unless you are having a big gathering thus eliminating the need for an extension table.

  4. When buying a Majestic Live Edge Dining Table the last and final step is to choose your favourite, unique piece we will make alterations in size, finish or leg to make it work for your space and lifestyle.

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