4 Step Thanksgiving Entertaining Plan

1. First Impressions

First impressions are always important and the first impression of your home is no different. Elevated lighting and statement entrance chairs are a great way to make guests feel welcome. This step sets the tone for your home plus the statement entrance chairs make it easy for grandparents and kids (and guests who may have indulged in great wine) to take on and off boots. 

Add warm accessories throughout the house to keep a consistent, welcoming feeling. Teak Root Vases and Rose Wood Deer heads are the perfect choice, especially at the time of year where their warm tones set the mode for thanksgiving but can be displayed year round. 

2. Relax and catch up.
Hors d'oeuvres, coffee and tea lets guests relax and enjoy your shining company. A series of beautiful solid wood coffee tables and side tables make is easy for guests to focus on conversation rather than how to juggle plates and cups.
Plus, some of the Teak Root Balls and Cubes both work wonderfully as side tables and can also work as extra seating when a few plus-ones show up unanticipated. That way you can have a "the more the marrier" attitude instead of the silent panic attack. 

3. THE Meal
Thanksgiving is all about the food. The classic sit down dinner with a turkey, mashed potatoes and an assortment of sides and salads. With that kind of spread you want your dining table to be up to the task. The Majestic Live Edge Dining tables bring presents to your dining room and also lend an undeniable sense of occasion whenever you sit down to dine. 

4. Relaxation and Digestion
After dinner the only thing left to do is relax. Thanksgiving guests move to sectionals to digest and bask in the glow of an incredible meal. Ensure ample seating and an intimate atmosphere with beautiful a beautiful sectional. 
Helpful Hint: for ultimate after dinner relaxation deck out the den or rec room with a multi configurational sectional to let the kids and teens veg out to a movie while the overstuffed adults talk the night away. I recommend the Allegria Sectional with tailored slip cover, it is basically sets the bar in terms of configurational possibilities and the easily changeable, slip covers mean you can switch up the whole look of the room with easy. Perfect for keeping often used rooms feeling fresh, current and inspired. And who doesn't want that. 

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