4 environmentally-respectful wood furniture types to look for

Free-flowing wood has a one-of-a-kind, genuine quality because you can’t duplicate what has been carved by nature. If you’re searching for ways to incorporate these organic charms into your space, but are concerned about respecting your environment, here are four types of wood you’ll love:


1) Reclaimed Teak Wood 

No trees are cut down in the process of reclaiming teak wood from structures that would have been demolished or destroyed. Essentially, you’re recycling something damaged and making it useful again.


2) Teak Root

These pieces are salvaged and extracted from development areas where they would otherwise be left behind to burn or disintegrate. Teak root is gaining popularity because of its unique shape and long-lasting resistance to sun, rot and water damage. Use it indoors or outdoors—its’s tough.


Petrified Wood | bluemoonfurniture.com | Charmaine Mallari

4) Petrified Wood

Petrified wood is actually fossilized after being buried under volcanic ash for millions of years. It’s standout rich tones are a result of metamorphosing quartz crystal. Claiming these lost pieces is like restoring a piece history.

Rain wood bench | bluemoonfurniture.com | Charmaine Mallari

4) Rain Wood

Rain Wood is the most fast-growing, renewable type of Mahogany. That means, years down the line, your rain wood piece could be reused for another project—maybe even your grandchild’s cradle?



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Photos 1, 2, and 4  by Charmaine Mallari (www.charmainmallari.com)