Winnipeg’s newest Tea House proves elevated design brings joy.

It all started with local entrepreneur, Jesse Keeper’s, dream to honour his mother by naming his new business after her. But a dream requires execution to become a reality. Many hurdles not least of which creating a space that will embodies joy to bring patrons returning for not just the tea but the experience as well. 

Thus a question was posed: what does joy look like? All design aspected required consideration in order to answer this question from colour scheme to materials to layout. 

Blue Moon, with a clear question in mind, set out to create the perfect space. Inspired by the top fashion houses from around the world to create a beautiful, timeless space in the heart of Winnipeg’s Wolseley area. 

Coming into a bare bones, long and narrow space was a challenge, from picking out the right sink, to picking the right colour scheme and counter sizes. 

floor plan and built in custom furniture
furniture layout commercial space

The first step was to figure out a layout that met the requirements of a food and beverage establishment in a aesthetically pleasing way. The long, narrow space is conducive to a focal point on the back wall, where the menu was placed above the service and display counter whichwas also required to house a refrigerator and dishwasher. The furniture was arranged across the narrow length of the space to ease the feeling of being in a hall and interest was added to the walls to fill out the space, bring attention to the side walls and provide space for merchandise. 

The next step was to determine a colour scheme and materials to be used. In any commercial space the materials used must be very hearty so metal and solid wood was a clear choice. Gold white and natural wood were decided upon for the colour scheme. Gold, always a favourite of biggest international fashion houses was decided to elevate the tea house from neighbourhood business to city wide draw. White to keep the space feeling open and joyful and natural wood to warm and soften the whole feel, plus when your solid wood is four inches thick you do not want to disguise it. 

custom commercial furniture winnipeg, metal and wood
commercial furniture contemporary food service counter

Now all that was left was designing the furniture. Mesh white metal cabinets, white metal service desks with 4” thick single slab tops including cut outs for heated pastry cabinets, sinks and a plethora of other food service equipment. Walls of gold wrought iron and recycled wood shelving walls. All completely custom designed and made for the space come together in perfect harmony to create an inviting establishment that really does illicit joy from the tea seekers filling the space. 

From start to finish a beautifully branded and polished establishment that is bound to be the first location of many for Joy’s Tea. Congratulations Jesse on your newest venture.

Blue Moon Furniture