Meet Allegria - Part 4


3 generations of innovators - it’s in our DNA

Trio of women creating new ways of thinking about and living in our homes, while seeking out the best and most exciting places in the world for their inspiration

Sylvia Bock, CEO and head designer at Blue Moon for more than 24 years. A background in fashion transformed into a love of the home as Sylvia spent more time at home with her three children. Sylvia’s unique experience in both fashion and furniture has sparked an informed innovative take on the home and the possibility to allow your home to represent your personality much as clothes do. 

Leila Bock-Freeman, a truly brilliant renaissance woman with a myriad of areas of expertise under her belt, above and beyond a regular designer’s creative and artistic background. While working along side Sylvia for nearly a decade Leila simultaneously completed a law degree while creating the next generation of Blue Moon designers. And now keeps us out of trouble … most of the time.

Della Pacifica Barker-Bock-Freeman has traveled to Paris, Amsterdam, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia designing for Blue Moon all under the age of 2. Never short on opinions, her eye for texture and budding understanding of precise measurements has cemented her position as an up-and-comer within the organization.  A true asset in any negotiation, her tenacity ensures she always comes out ahead.

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