modular sectional leather modern contemporary design

Allegria Sectional

The Allegria is an innovative modular, multi-configurational sectional with a detached, stable back. The tailored upholstery covers are easy to change and swap to keep up with current fashions. Now your home can change with the seasons as easily as your wardrobe for a constantly fresh look. 


coming home to the allegria: canadian outpost

Trekking through the icy, untamed Canadian wilderness to return to the comfort of the Allegria, our innovative sculptural sectional. Share the video if you too have gone to great lengths to get home.

The Maple Leaf configuration


how to transform your home like your seasonal wardrobe 

The Allegria sectional transforms by changing the configuration and the tailored upholstery covers. Finally a sectional that can keep up with your changing taste quickly and easily, just like changing your wardrobe with the seasons.

The Landscape configuration 

the many configurations of the Allegria

choose from our

european fabrics or

printed velvets in

Tailored, changeable covers 

Innovative tailored covers designed to be swapped with seasons and your current mood. Now ones home can become a fashion statement, showcasing ones personality and changing taste.