Blue Moon's Global Design Champions

In the category of Teak Root:

The award for Best Use of Teak Root goes to our good friend Doctor Arwan for his use of massive  teak roots to build a stunning fence around his estate.

Teak Root fence
teak root fence, furniture

If you love his creative use of the material you are in luck because we are stocked with teak root screens, consoles and coffee tables. And if you would like to build a fence for your property we can help you with that project.

teak root furniture, screen
teak root furniture console table.
teak root furniture, coffee table

We Love the Spring Parade of Homes

Here are some highlights from over the years. 

Huntington Homes

Our Majestic Live Edge Table and Authentically Sculpted Coffee Table beautifully complimented and added warmth to the light, airy space. 

Artista Homes

Our Tufted Bed and Old Tobacco Desk set texture to the beautifully open and modern interior. 

Meric's HSC Show Home

The Majestic Round Dining table softened the angular space making it more dynamic and inviting. 

Artista Show Homes

Can you spot our Beau Monde set?

Design your own sofas and sectionals

1st - choose your STYLE

2nd - choose your SIZE

3rd - choose your MATERIAL


Design Your Own

Blue Moon's line of customizable authentically sculpted wood furniture. 

1st - choose your measurement 

2nd - choose your wood

3rd - choose your base


in home photos courtesy of HUNTINGTON HOMES

the Winnipeg Renovation Show

Renovations with Blue Moon.

From planning and design, to installation, we are here to work with you or your designer to make your custom renovations spectacular and easy. 

Custom built ins:

52" wide custom single slab, solid wood counter tops. 

Straight cut single slab counter tops before installation. 

Whether hospitality renovations or home renovations,

Whether hospitality renovations or home renovations, we would love to help!

Above, single slab solid wood live edge bar top. 

For the Love of Winter Whites

White never goes out of style. In the heat of summer and the dead of winter white always works. 

Whether it is white modern furniture, like our white leather sectionals, our whole upholstered sectionals, our white modern sectionals, or our white circular sectionals, white just works!

the newest commercial space designed and outfitted by Blue Moon

Joy's Tea: 855 Westminister Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thank you for the photos everyone.

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